Almost a Scandal  - Elizabeth Essex This was a fun read. Light on the angst and heavy on the action. The practicality of being able to disguise oneself as a boy aboard a ship with 250 males is a bit preposterous but somehow it works. The hero, Col, figures out Sally's true identity pretty early on so there's none of that "Why am I suddenly sexually attracted to young boys?" confusion on his part. For her part, she is his equal in every way: intelligent, brave, loyal, passionate and dedicated. She borders on the almost too-perfect but makes enough errors to keep her relatable.

The story is very action driven and if you've ever been slightly curious as to what life would be like in the English Navy in the early 1800's, this book will give you lots of details. And then even more details. So many details that you might find yourself skimming long descriptive paragraphs until you get to a scene with Col and Sally interacting. These scenes make all the wading through details and action worthwhile. I love them as a couple. So perfectly suited for each other.

The last 25% of the book meanders a bit and I began to wonder if the author was setting up sequels but a quick look at the book descriptions for her next two would indicate that it's just a meandering (but ultimately satisfying) ending.