Kiss and Tell  - Cherry Adair 2.5 stars. I really liked some aspects of this book. Others not so much. First the good. I love books where the h/h are snowbound or trapped in a cabin. This book had that. I also liked the tortured hero slowly learning what love is. The chemistry and reluctance on his part was great. Slow build up. Here's what i didnt like. He killed so many people with no remorse. Yuck. And his constant use of Judas as a swear word got irritating after awhile. Also, for the heroine to have had only one previous sexual encounter before meeting the hero, and then begging him to have sex with her by about Chapter Four was head-scratching. Didnt make sense. So overall, just a so so read and I dont think I will be reading any more of this T-FLAC series (which I kept pronouncing like Gilbert Godfrey in the Aflac commercials).