Slightly Tempted (Bedwyn Saga #4) - Mary Balogh I did not enjoy this book at all. Mary Balogh has written two of my all time favorites (Slightly Dangerous and The Secret Pearl) but this one just fell completely flat for me.

The revenge plot by the hero Gervase was so tepid and poorly crafted that it didn't provide any drama, conflict or tension. It just bugged.

The fake betrothal made me mad. It's in so many of her books as to be laughable at this point.

The sex scenes are becoming carbon copies of each other in her books. As a result, it's hard to be emotionally invested as it feels like you've read it all before. Nothing is new or different or passionate.

The hero/heroine in this book were so wooden, stiff and unbelievable in their POV's that it was impossible for me to feel anything other than boredom when they finally declare their love.

Big yawn. I'm glad I read Slightly Dangerous first. I never would have gotten to the sixth and final book in this series after reading Slightly Tempted.