Heaven, Texas - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This books starts off great. Gracie is an engaging and interesting heroine. She's smart and despite spending a little too much time dwelling on her "dowdiness", I was rooting for her. Bobby Tom is a typical SEP hero: Handsome, guarded, and outwardly cocky.

Side characters are kept to a minimum during the first half of the book which is probably why I like the first 50% of the book better than the last 50% of the book when they begin to overwhelm. I can handle only so many quirky small town folk and their cartoonish personalities.

The secondardy romance helps keep the last half of the book from being intolerable, though.

What keeps this from being a four start for me is how suddenly both H/h realize their in love. Gracie realizes it a little too early and suddenly for me. Bobby Tom is being a big asshat when she figures out her feelings. And he has his revelation within a couple of paragraphs without a full explanation of what he sees/realizes about her to make him go from friends-with-benefits to put-a-ring-on-it.