Texas Glory - Lorraine Heath Enjoyed this book a great deal.

What I liked:
Despite having some pretty depressing plot points (child abuse, miscarriage, spousal abuse, kidnapping, murder), there were some laugh out loud moments that helped to occasionally lighten the overall mood of the book.
Also liked how their relationships spanned almost a full year. There wasn't instant lust followed by weeklong courtship and a happily ever after wedding. Instead, their trust and love developed slowly and therefore was more satisfying at the end.

What I didn't like:
Kidnapping/murder/misunderstanding stuff in the last 25% of the book was a little over the top.

Also, it got a little weary after both Cordelia and Dallas had admitted to themselves that they were in love but were both assuming it was one-sided. At some point, you would think they would have the courage to blurt it out. It seemed pretty obvious to everyone around them that they were in love with each other. I suppose it makes the declaration at the end even more worth the wait (and it's a great moment in the book when Dallas finally says it) but it seemed out of character for neither to be brave enough to say it earlier.