This Heart of Mine (Chicago Stars #5) - Susan Elizabeth Phillips If this had been the first book I've read by SEP, I would have stopped reading it after the non-consensual sex scene in the beginning of the story. But since I've read the other books in this series (and liked them), I gave her a pass on that misstep and forged on.

But then I hit another stumbling block to my enjoyment: too many similar plot devices and scenarios from the other Chicago Stars series. The secondary romance felt familiar, the sex scenes seemed to be lifted from other books with slightly different settings, and even the personalities of Kevin and Molly seemed cobbled together from other H/h in this series. The book didn't fresh or original.

My least favorite aspect of this book were the continual references to her childrens book characters of Daphne & Benny.

So if you haven't read any of the other Chicago Star books and you can overlook the non-consensual sex, you might enjoy this book more than me.