To Catch a Highlander - Karen Hawkins This is the first book in the MacLean Curse series that I've read.

Can't say it's the best romance I've ever read but it had some scenes that I really liked.

Overall, the story line is pretty silly and not very believable (especially the paranormal aspect of "anger=thunderstorm") but I found myself liking both the hero and heroine enough to overlook most of the plot. There were some humorous scenes and clever dialogue between Dougal and Sophie. The romantic tension built up nicely along with the sexual tension. The first time they have sex definitely falls in the "unbelievable" category. And even the second time, I suppose. But by then, I liked H/h enough not to quibble over the little details.

Not sure I'll read the other books in this series unless they also go on sale for Kindle.