Untouched - Anna Campbell This was recommended to me when I was searching for a book with strong romantic/sexual tension.
It definitely had that, at least in the first half of the book, but it was a just a bit too heavy handed. So much repetition in the internal thoughts of both Matthew and Grace. Lust. Hunger. Desire. Hunger. Lust. Desire. Those words were in just about every sentence and while it worked to build up the anticipation of when they'd finally give into to their impulses, it was also somewhat distracting.

While I didn't love the writing style, it was still a very readable book. I really wanted to see how their captivity would be resolved so they could they have their HEA. Lots of plot holes that the author did her best to plug up but I still found myself struggling to suspend my disbelief with the whole "prisoner" situation.

Overall, a very readable book if you like virgin heroes, sexual tension, intrigue and large dogs.