The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever - Julia Quinn Reading this book was like touring an architecturally beautiful home decorated with cheap, gaudy and mismatching furniture.

Julia Quinn writes some of the wittiest dialogue and she can create marvelous sexual/romantic tension. This book does have some very funny moments and a couple of swoon-worthy moments but I kept bumping into crappy furniture.

Here's what thwarted my overall enjoyment of the book:
1. Hero's pregnant wife dies tragically in a riding accident. She was no saint (baby wasn't his) but he's glad she's dead. This point is stressed throughout the book by both hero and his family. Such an ugly sentiment no matter how much the dead wife was disliked. She was a person with parents and family and (presumably) friends. Why rejoice in her death? They didn't have to mourn her but to express gratitude made me like everyone less.

2. The heroine suffers a miscarriage and seems to think that's perfectly normal. No sadness. No tears. No regrets. WTF?

3. Hero was just an ass throughout most of the book. Why she continued to love him was beyond me. Her willingness to forgive him at every turn got tedious and chipped away at any admiration I may have had for her.

4. Heroine seemed to go through numerous personality changes within the book. Strong, smart and feisty in some chapters. Weak, whiny and ineffectual in others.

I could go on with even more complaints but I will spare you. Suffice to say, this isn't Julia Quinn at her best but occasionally you can see glimmers of what makes her such a great writer. In fact, I recommend you skip this book and read Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. Plot lines are very similar but that books is an architectural wonder with tasteful furniture.