The Perfect Waltz - Anne Gracie This could have easily been a five star read if it had been edited down some and remained more focused on Sebastian and Hope. I found both secondary romances a bit uninteresting and I could have done with fewer pages devoted to the young sisters.

The heroine Hope was just shy of being too perfect but I adored her honesty and joy for life. Sebastian got a little irritating with his inability to switch gears once it became abundantly clear that Plan A wasn't working. He seemed to spend a lot of time involved in "lust containment" and denying his attraction. While this added to the overall romantic/sexual tension, the old adage "less-is-more" would have helped.

Also, there were a few too many very important declarations getting interrupted mid-sentence. "Hope, I have to tell you my big secr--" and then the carriage stops. Or "Sebastion, you don't understand because I also - -" and then the maid brings in tea. Do they not listen when the other talks and have no ability to resume conversations once the distraction is over?