Seduction & Scandal - Charlotte Featherstone I read the second book in this series first (Pride & Passion) and I adored it. Gave it 4 stars. So I was excited to start at the beginning of the series with Seduction & Scandal. Sadly, this book was not my cup of tea at all. Had I only read this one, I don't think I would even bothered with any others in this series.

What I didn't like:
Hero: He was borderline stalker/creepy in his obsession with Isabella. Aside from her beauty and wanting to bed her, what made him fall in love with her?

Heroine: Her "Death" fixation was irritating to me and I quickly got tired of her goth-girl antics.

Plot: I might have enjoyed the plot more had I not read book #2 first. I already knew enough about the Brethren and sacred artifacts to know that I didn't care about the Brethren and the sacred artifacts. I skimmed/skipped large chunks of the books where they were the focus. What was left was very little except lust/attraction/fight the attraction scenes between H/h which weren't as compelling as they could have been.

What I did like:
I really like the author's writing style. I just didn't care for the plot or H/h in this particular book.