Not Wicked Enough - Carolyn Jewel After reading this book, Carolyn Jewel is now on my auto-buy list. Each book I read of hers, I enjoy even more than the last.

This is a character-driven romance. No outlandish villains or mysteries or peril. No endless parade of secondary characters. No dreaded secrets or misunderstandings. Just a great friends to lovers story with a nice happily ever after (and lots of hot sex).

My only two quibbles:
1. The hero's name is Mountjoy and his first name is never given. He's always referred to as Mountjoy, your grace or the duke. Aside from the giggle-worthy image Mountjoy provides, I would have liked to know what his first name was.

2. The internal/external conflicts that H/h have that prevent them from moving past the lovers stage are a bit weak and not very believable as a true impediment to HEA status.