She Tempts the Duke - Lorraine Heath I love Lorraine Heath but this book just didn't grab me liked I hoped it would.

The premise reminded me a lot of her western historical Texas Destiny in that a facially scarred, eye patch wearing hero who thinks he's unworthy of love falls in love with a sweet and loyal woman who is betrothed to another while a one dimensional villain tries to ruin their happiness. Texas Glory was fabulous because the angst, tension and conflict was superbly done.

She Tempts the Duke didn't have that same combination. The romantic and sexual tension just wasn't there. Perhaps it was because they were childhood friends and already had a connection so they never really seemed passionate or truly swept away by their emotions.

One thing I did appreciate is that Mary's fiance wasn't an asshole or evil. He had a perfectly natural response to Mary's growing involvement with Keswick.

I'm hopeful the next books in this series will be better and I'm really looking to forward to reading Rafe's story as he appears to be the most interesting of the three brothers.