On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves I had so many things to do when I started reading this book. I was just going to read one or two chapters. Six hours later, I was stiff, sore and hungry from sitting in my chair for so long but incredibly happy. What a great book.

I love survival stories but was originally put off by the wide age gap between Anna and T.J. and I couldn't imagine how I was going to get over that hurdle and enjoy the book. Because T.J. was a cancer survivor, it was easy to accept that he was more mature than the average 16 year old. His experience as a plane-crash survivor and the hardships of living on a deserted island also forced him into early maturity. It was completely believable that a 32 year old woman could eventually fall in love with a 19 year old man. Hell, I'm way older than Anna and I was 90% in love with him, too.

Amazing first book by this author and I hope she writes more (and quickly).