More Than One Night - Sarah Mayberry Wow. This was a great book. Normally when I read category romances, I can predict what the characters will do or say next as the plot moves along. Not so with this book. It was as if author threw away the Category Romance Decision Maker 2.0 Flow Chart and had the characters act like honest to goodness real people: flawed but doing the best they can and acting NORMAL. For example, when Charlie discovers she's pregnant, I was jumping ahead to how she was going to keep it secret from Rhys and what unexpected (and unlikely) way he'd discover the truth months or years later. But does my prediction come true?? No! Shocking. And I continued to be happily amazed through the rest of the book as every silly trope and stereotype I've grown so weary of in category romances was nimbly avoided.

Even though Charlie wasn't my favorite character (she was just a bit to hard on herself throughout most of the book), I found myself rooting for her HEA. And Rhys was FABULOUS. Loved him and his family.

Such a well-done book. Highly recommend.