Morning Glory - La Vyrle Spencer I read this book when it first came out in 1989 and remember loving it . I'm sure I would have rated it as a 5 star read back then. Jump forward 22 years and it's just a 3 star read for me now. Perhaps if I hadn't put the book down for a day after getting to the part where Will and Elly admit to loving each other the book would have maintained its appeal. Because up until that moment, it was definitely fantastic. But like a hurricane that loses strength as it hits land, this book started losing steam for me when Will got drafted. And by the time Will was accused of murdering another woman, I was ready for the book to end.

The first half of the book, however, is truly worth reading. Your heart aches for Will as he struggles to find dignity, self-esteem and love. Elly is the perfect balm for his wounded soul. It's refreshing to read a romance where both characters are honest with themselves and there are no Big Misunderstandings used to create artifical conflict.