Headstrong - Meg  Maguire I wasn't going to read this book because romances with a love triangle have about as much appeal for me as romances featuring mimes, secret babies or anyone with the last name Kardashian.

But because it was the only book by Meg Maguire that I hadn't yet read, I took the plunge. I'm so happy I did. Oddly, the premise that initially turned me off actually worked to create a strong romantic tension that was incredibly satisfying when it finally becomes clear which brother Libby is going to choose.

The book isn't without its flaws. Libby was somewhat unlikeable in the beginning and the relationship/issues with her father didn't create convincing conflict. Also, anytime her tangled, near dread-locked hair was mentioned, I wanted to grab a pair of scissors along with a good hairbrush and reach into my Kindle to fix it.

Once Libby started to reveal more about herself, though, I found myself liking her quite a bit and all the annoying character traits fell away. The setting of New Zealand was also a nice change of pace.

Overall, like all of Meg Maguire's books, the writing is solid, the characters are believable, the sex is sexy and the endings are happy. What more could a girl want?