The Bride Wore Spurs - Sharon Ihle I was attracted to the premise of the book because it had a fish-out-of-water element to it with the heroine trying to transition from life in an Irish hospital to a life as rancher's wife in Wyoming. That part was done well and had some funny scenes as she grapples to learn simple tasks like milking a cow or cooking breakfast.

I wish I had enjoyed the romance aspects more, though. It was a bit lackluster and predictable. There was nothing special about either Hawke or Lacey that raised it above the level of mediocre. If you're new to western romances then it might seem interesting or fresh. But if you're like me and have read dozens and dozens of westerns, then you've encountered every trope in this book repeatedly. It's almost like the author had a check list and ticked each off one by one.

Overall: Writing and plot are fine but the book is just adequate.

NOTE: This was a freebie for my Kindle and, like a lot of ebook freebies, had plenty of typos and missing words that were a bit distracting.