The Proposal - Mary Balogh Like most of Mary Balogh's books, this is character driven. No big misunderstandings, no secrets, no pesky villain, no mystery to solve. Just a very basic love story with the central conflict of class difference and the obstacle that creates for an HEA.

Having read several books by this author, I am finding a certain sameness. Not necessarily in plot, but in the details. The heroes and heroines seem interchangeable. The sex scenes are incredibly similar (the first time they are usually fully clothed, sex often takes place next to body of water or in an outbuilding on an estate, the sounds described during sex are nearly identical). The characters spend a lot of time having the same repetive thoughts and internal dialogue A marriage proposal is refused or an engagement is faked. The best analogy I can think of is an artist who paints different still lifes but uses the same three colors for each painting. Mary Balogh is a great writer but I've gotten tired of her red, blue and yellow.

If The Proposal had been the first book I had read by Mary Balogh, I would probably be rating it a 4 star. But since I found nothing unique in this book, I can only give ot 2.5. (tThe first book I read by her is Slighly Dangerous and it remains in my top ten favorites).

So if you've never read any by this author, give it a try. If you are already a fan, I suspect you might be a little disappointed by this one.