One Reckless Summer - Toni Blake This is sort of a tough one to review because there were aspects to the book I enjoyed a great deal. Other aspects? Not so much. In fact, reading it reminded me of eating fruit cocktail as a kid: I loved the peaches but had to carefully pick around the pears, grapes and maraschino cherries.

The "peaches" in this story were the scenes where Mick and Jenny opened up to each other and shared their feelings and expressed loneliness when separated. Their growing feelings and the emotional tension was very well done. The "pears, grapes and cherries" were the irritating secret keeping , the flimsy plot and the repetitiveness of internal thoughts.

Pussycat as a nickname got tiring. Jenny's amazement that she was having HOT WILD SEX got old and made her seem like she was eighteen years old, not 30. Her inability to keep a secret and so easily lie about it was off-putting. All the stereotypical side characters populating the small town of Destiny, Ohio made a few too many appearances and I found myself skipping over paragraphs trying to get back to the "peaches".

Overall, this didn't really rock my boat but there were enough good aspects for me to try another by this author and see if I can find more peaches in another book.