Silk Is For Seduction - Loretta Chase I'm surprised I didn't like this more. I love Loretta Chase's writing style. The hero/heroine are both smart, funny and honest. The plot is generally interesting (although I did find myself skipping a lot of the dressmaking info dumps) and the side characters added to the story.

But...I just never got emotionally involved in the romance. The conflict keeping them from an HEA is believable yet the romantic tension was lacking. Maybe it's because H/H are both so analytical and logical about why they can't be together. They don't seem to ever become overwhelmed by sheer emotion. They think and re-think and think some more about the why's and how's so that it all starts to feel like chess match rather than engaging love story.

Or... maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this particular story and if read on a different day would have found it fabulous and deserving of all the 5 star reviews it's received.