Falcon's Fire - Patricia Ryan Great book. Well written and well researched (I presume since my knowledge of the Middle Ages is woefully lacking and I had to trust the history in the book was accurate).

The hero, Thorne, is fabulous. He's caring, honest, smart, strong, and seemingly invincible. The heroine, Martine, is a bit less fabulous but still likable enough and I can understand why Thorne is captivated by her. The novel spans six or seven months which allows for the build-up of lots of romantic/sexual tension between Thorne and Martine. I like it much better when H/h don't fall in love within the space of three days. And for a book written in 1995, the was quite a nice level of steam in the sex scenes.

The only thing keeping this from getting a five star from me is Martine's inability to trust Thorne's motivations. She's given ample evidence that he's honest and sincere yet she always looks to find fault and ulterior motives that just aren't there. It was a bit maddening and chipped away at my admiration for her (hence the "less fabulous" description from above). Also, there was a lot of violence in this book. I don't normally read medieval romances so maybe this is par for the course but there were several really gross scenes which I'm actively trying to forget. The villains seemed a bit cartoonish and I wouldn't have minded fewer pages devoted to their POVs.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to anyone who likes steam with strong sexual/romantic tension.