Heaven's Fire - Patricia Ryan Solid 5 stars.
It's the second book in a series and can easily be read as a stand-alone. The couple from the first book FALCON'S FIRE, Thorne and Martine, make an appearance but they were very inconsequential to the plot of this book.

I enjoyed this one even more than than FALCON'S FIRE. It had less violence, limited POV from the villain, a bit of mystery, a much easier to admire heroine and a celibate former priest. Watching Rainulf (hero) fight his carnal urges was over-the-top fantastic if you're a fan of unresolved sexual tension like I am. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough wondering when/how they were finally going to end up in bed together. And for a book written in the mid-90's there is a nice level of steam. The scene were Corliss(heroine) experiences her first orgasm is worth the price of the book alone.
Corliss/Constance (heroine) was smart and the perfect match for Rainulf. The romance takes place over the course of several months and, even though they're both initially attracted to each other, it's not lust-fueled with page upon page of repetitive internal dialogue. They become friends first and that adds a lot of richness and poignancy when they finally realize they're in love. They're both open and honest with each other. No silly secrets or big misunderstandings. No unnecessary second characters. No big info dumps about politics or the church. Just enough rich detail and description to give you a sense of time/place. These characters didn't feel like 21st personalities plopped into the Middle Ages.

Overall, just the kind of romance novel I love to read. Highly recommend!