The Witness - Nora Roberts Go figure. A Nora Roberts novel that I actually enjoyed! I've tried reading some of her older backlist titles with little luck. Most are just two or three stars for me. This one is a solid 4 star and would have been a five star if only I had liked the heroine just a tiny bit more. She was a little too odd and robotic for me to fully warm up to her. But she made sense with the hero so the romance worked.

What I especially liked about this book is the solid blending of romance and suspense. So often, one is usually lacking. If the romance is great, the suspense is cartoonish or over-the-top silly. If the suspense is great, the romance is rushed and lacking in depth. This book had a really great love story and a believable suspense plot.
Plot Spoiler: I kept waiting for the bad guys to turn into cartoon villains and invade her home with guns blazing. It never happens. But the threat that they're going to do that looms throughout the book. I think it's much better that they never found her in the small town.

I'm tempted to find more recently written Nora Robert novels to see if I have similar luck in liking another by her.