Can't Buy Me Love - Molly O'Keefe I probably should have read some reviews rather than just the plot summary on Amazon. The set-up is intriguing. It reminded me of Anna Nicole Smith marrying the octogenarian Howard Hunt. But the similarity ends there. I was expecting a light-hearted sports romance similar in tone to a Suzanne Elizabeth Phillips. Instead, this book was chock full of unlikeable people weighed down with heavy baggage.

There were a few good moments between the H/h but it wasn't enough to compensate for their overall cruelty towards each other and those around them. And speaking of those around them, the secondary characters were unlikeable also. Two of them are clearly going to get their own story but I have zero interest in spending anymore time with the people in this book.

If you like somber contemporary romances where redemption comes late in the story, this might be for you.