Devil's Bride (Cynster Novels) - Stephanie Laurens I'm not going to rate this with any stars because I couldn't finish the book. It started out quite promising and but then quickly became incredibly repetitive and irritating with the conflict.

Hero: You will marry me
Heroine: I will not marry you
Hero: You must marry me
Heroine: I cannot marry you.

Argghh!! There are at least two hundred pages of that back/forth in various form. When she finally does agree to marry, I really didn't care anymore. And I don't think it's much of a spoiler alert to say that the other pages/chapters devoted to solving the big murder mystery seem purposeless because only the most careless of readers would not have figured it out by Chapter 3.

So maybe the last 200 pages that I didn't read were fantastic and I should have persevered, but I just couldn't. And it's a shame because after all the good reviews and recommendations about this one, I was really hoping to add it to my keeper shelf.