Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring? - Mira Lyn Kelly 3.5 Stars

I'm not generally a fan of Harlequin Presents books because I find them either too formulaic or completely unbelievable. And the titles. Could they be any worse? This one isn't as bad as some others but I'm glad I read this on a Kindle. It prevented my family from mocking me.

This book surprised me, however, and I really enjoyed reading it. While it was a little formulaic (a requirement probably inherent to the publisher), I found it more believable than most. The writing was solid, there were no big secrets or prolonged misunderstandings. No villains. No secret baby. The romantic tension was well done and there was more heat than I thought was standard for HPs.

The heroine, Cali, was overly repetitive with her internal dialogue about having to keep work her focus and not getting involved with the hero, Jake. Her character was wound so tight, though, that I suppose it made sense that she was also a little OCD in her thoughts. The hero was a tad too accomplished and successful. A heart surgeon would have sufficed.. did he really need to be a millionaire and real-estate tycoon? When he wasn't being stubbornly commitment-phobic, he had some great humor and self-awareness.

Overall, the first half of the book was fantastic. It dragged a bit for the next 25% but picked back up at the end.