Darius: Lord of Pleasures  - Grace Burrowes I've come to the sad conclusion that Grace Burrowes just isn't for me. I am drawn to her writing style and premises but the attraction always ends there.

I couldn't connect at all to Darius or Vivian. Their month in his country estate is a bit, well, boring. Lots of tea, warm fires and hot toddies interspersed with bouts of love-making seems lovely on the surface but it's dull underneath. Really dull. Like thinking about what I want to pack for lunch the next day instead of remembering the last three paragraphs I read kind of dull.

At the 50% point when they leave his estate to go their separate ways, the story gets bogged down with so many side characters and relatives and evil people that I found myself skimming large sections looking for scenes between Darius and Vivian in hopes that something would finally click for me regarding the romance. The click never happened.

I'm rating this two stars. One for the premise and one for the hot toddy recipe.