Stranded with a Billionaire - Jessica Clare Mild spoilers

Aside from the premise, nothing about this book worked for me. And even the premise got mangled with a careless and unbelievable set-up. Maybe in the 70s a hurricane could have taken a small island resort by surprise, forcing a hurried full evacuation. But in 2013 with sophisticated weather predication tools, it just wouldn't happen. The resort hotel was 20 stories tall so it must have been steel and concrete and, therefore, a safe place to shelter in even a category 4 hurricane. The ridiculousness of them being "stranded" was too much.

The hero and heroine are both lazily conceived with trite motivations for resisting a real relationship. He's bitter and cynical following a broken engagement with a devious gold-digger named Danica. (Would have been more interesting had it been Danica Patrick but no. Just Danica the Destroyer of Dreams.) Oddly, it's never fully explained how Lucas has become a billionaire at the tender age of 29. I'm sure Mark Zuckerberg would be as interested as me to learn how this feat was accomplished. Bronte is an underemployed Philosophy major with Daddy issues. She shows some promise of being an interesting character but once she flies to NYC to continue the affair, she becomes a bad cliche. At this point, I should have quit reading and flagged this as DNF but I foolishly didn't.

The book goes on and on and on. Long, non-sexy sex scenes. (I particularly like the one where Bronte doesn't have any condoms and tells him she's on the pill and to proceed without, much to his delight. After the bonking is done, he then rolls off the condom. Pretty clever trick there, Mr Copperfield!). There is, of course, plenty of sequel baiting for the next billionaire to get his lust on, a few unconvincing grovel scenes, some lame attempts at romantic wooing until finally (YAY) we get to the HEA and pointless epilogue.

So in conclusion: Yuck