Born To Darkness  - Suzanne Brockmann I got this book from Audibles because it has both a male and female narrator which I thought might be a nice change of pace. The female narrator is perfectly adequate but the male narrator? Dreadful. It took me a while to figure out why I found him so unappealing. He sounds exactly like Rob Lowe narrating as his goofy character from Parks and Recreation. The over pronounciation and emphasis on certain words and his cadence makes it sound like a parody reading for comedic effect. . And yes, he does say "literally" a few times and I laughed out loud. Once I made the Rob Lowe connection, it was hard to fall into the story

And speaking of the story, it starts off rather promising but gets bogged down with repetive info dumps about the "greater-thans" integration levels and mindreading powers. Every few chapters, another miracle power is introduced and explained to death. New powers are conveninently introduced when the plot seems to need some way for the characters to save themselves or further the action. Need a disguise? A "greater than" can suddenly transform into an old person or grow hair and big boobs.

Another negative are the three romances jammed into this book. None is particularly compelling. The m/m romance is especially clunky and poorly done.

This is the first book in a series so maybe the ones that follow will have less repetition and fewer romance story lines but I know I won't be reading them.