The Truth About Lord Stoneville - Sabrina Jeffries Loved this book.

What I liked:
Romantic/sexual tension was fabulous. No Insta-Lust and quick coupling. Instead, their attraction and admiration grows and builds at a nice pace.

Heroine was smart, funny and honest. Liked her American fish-out-of-water experience with the very British family.

Hero had some real emotional baggage (perhaps a bit too old to still be carrying some of it) that the heroine helped him work through in a mostly believable way.

What I didn't like:
The plot device that five siblings must marry within a year or the grandmother will not leave them any money in her will. Just seems a bit tired and contrived.

How the siblings all had their "thing." SHE SHOOTS! HE GAMBLES! HE RACES RECKLESSLY! SHE WRITES GOTHIC NOVELS! I know this is just sequel baiting but it made them seem a bit one dimensional and doesn't particularly make me long to read their stories.