The Proposition - Judith Ivory Finally! A Judith Ivory book that lived up to the hype for me.

After being somewhat underwhelmed with The Indiscretion and greatly disappointed with The Beast, I was leery of trying this author again but I am so glad I did.

I loved the writing, the plot, the hero, the heroine and the humor in this book. The big surprise ending was completely ridiculous but by then, I was so engaged in the H/h that I didn't care about wildly unlikely coincidences. What I cared about was how thoroughly believable it was that Mick and Winnie fell in love. The build up of the romantic tension was superb. I love when authors develop the characters slowly and allow the relationship to blossom over the course of time instead of Insta-lust followed by declarations of love three days later. In other words, I believe in Mick and Winnie's Happily Ever After.