The Long Shot - Ellen Hartman This is a 1.5 stars for me.

I don't remember why/how I ended up with this book in my TBR list but I really wish I had read some reviews before I bought it. It would have saved me a few dollars and several hours.

The writing isn't awful. In fact, it's quite adequate. The story and characters, though, aren't as adequate. Julia is dull, dull, dull. Deacon has a "big" secret, one of my least favorite plot premises (right behind "big" misunderstanding). The romantic/sexual tension is virtually non-existent and it was a surprise when they tumbled into bed together because I was expecting more lead-up or resistance or desire or chemistry. (Note: very brief sex scenes - perhaps standard in the Super Romance line?). The story is also devoid of any real humor and if I hadn't checked the publication date, I could easily believe it was written 15 years or more ago. It has a dated feel to it despite the use of cell phones and the internet by the characters.

Also, and this is no fault of the author - just my fault for not reading more about this before I bought it - the basketball scenes were not at all interesting to me since I'm not a fan of the sport. There are lengthy details about the game that I found myself glossing over.

The only thing that kept this from being a 1 star/DNF is Deacon's relationship with his brother Wes. That relationship is better portrayed and more interesting than the one between Deacon and Julia.