Love and Other Scandals  - Caroline Linden I had fun reading this book. It's very light-hearted with lots of quick witted and sarcastic dialogue between Joan and Tristan. The romance between them unfolds at a nice pace without much conflict or angst. As a result, it lacks tension although there is one scene in Tristan's remodeled bathroom that really popped for me. For the most part, it's very predictable as to how things will progress but the writing is good and Joan and Tristan are very likable characters deserving of a happily ever after.

There are several secondary characters introduced who are interesting and will probably each get their own book. One aspect of the story that I didn't like was the name of the erotic serial pamphlet that Joan and her friends love to sneak read. It is called "50 Ways To Sin" and is mentioned 37 times in the story. The title sounds too much like an awful Cosmo magazine article (like the one I once read where they suggested putting a donut on your boyfriend's penis to liven up your sex life). Every time the pamphlet was mentioned, I got thrown out of the story. Because there is some mystery as to the author of the pamphlets, I suspect the sequels will continue on with this plot point unfortunately.