The Leopard Prince (Princes Trilogy, #2)

The Leopard Prince (Princes Trilogy, #2) - Elizabeth Hoyt This is the third book by Hoyt that I've read and it's destined to be my last. While I don't mind her writing style, so much focus is put on building the sexual tension (on-going cockstands are pretty standard by chapter two) that the romantic tension is ignored. I get that the characters lust after each other but I don't see what makes them fall in love and what makes the h/h perfect for each other beside sexual compatibility.

In Leopard Prince, I loved the idea of the hero being the penniless commoner but he never rose to hero status. He just seemed horny and nice. Like 90% of the male population. The villain was too one-dimensional. I finally had to skip his sections because it was entirely too predictable.