A Man In A Million (The Moorehouse Legacy, #4) - Jessica Bird My least favorite of the Moorehouse series.

Spike seemed to be an early prototype for a character in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. The yellow eyes, leather biking clothes, tattooed body, prison record. Suprised she didn't name the hero Spyke and heroine Madh.

This story spanned a couple of months but the characters only actually were together for about three days. I'm not a fan of the love at first sight plot. If they're going to fall in love at first sight, however, they at least need to spend more than 72 hours together before getting married. What did he really see in her? And she in him? Never fleshed out because annoying secondary characters took up page space. Mad's evil brother was way too one-dimensional. Her sad-sack sister's story was pointless. The lawyer and the business empire intrigue was not intriguing.