One Unashamed Night (Wellinghams, #2)

One Unashamed Night (Wellinghams, #2) - Sophia James A legally blind hero. A plain-Jane widow. Trapped in a snowstorm. Angst and painful pasts.

It's hard for me not to like a book with all those elements. And I did like this book. I think I could have loved it if there had been a few less misunderstandings and few more believable plot points. The hero was legally blind for THREE years and only a handful of people were aware? Not possible. Bea's ability to trust someone so quickly after being a battered spouse? Not likely. Also subtracting from my full enjoyment were the frequent and odd uses of exclamarion points and the hero fondly refering to heroine's lisp.

What I liked is how they fell in love after their initial night trapped in the snowstorm. It was a slow build of friendship that had some good tension and even better resolution. The sex scenes were frequent but lacking in any detail which is probably a requirement of this Harlequin line. It was still a good read despite that.