Lord Ruin

Lord Ruin - Carolyn Jewel I read this on a recommendation from a friend and I wasn't sure I wanted to continue after the hero (irritatingly named Cynssyr -- pronounced Sincere) mistakenly had sex with the virgin heroine thinking she was a whore gifted to him by his host. Even more unbelievable was the virgin heroine's response while she was laying in bed with a badly twisted ankle and heavily medicated with laudnum. A blow job? Really?

Setting my initial misgivings aside, I forged ahead and I'm glad I did. The romance wasn't half bad. The hero grew on me and I liked how he slowly fell in love, not just lust, with Anne. It was nice to see the hero admit to being in love first and hoping his love will eventually be returned. He had a nice jealous streak without being completely psycho. And boy did he love having sex with Anne. On desks, floors, against walls, in gardens. Whenever a door closed, skirts were lifted and drawers were unbuttoned. Yowser.

The heroine was less appealing and I never quite got what was making her tick. I suppose it was her overwhelming insecurities about her looks but she was also supposed to be smart, brave and honest. And smart, brave and honest people don't let insecurties like that completely define them. They might occasionally get bogged down by them, but not paralyzed. Also, her puking every other scene got really old. Funny how it never seemed to impact how frequently she had sex with her husband. I really expected there to be a severe underlying medical condition but I guess she was just in first trimester misery.

What really surprised me was the mystery of the serial killer/ rapist. It was well done. I don't normally like a plot heavy romance but this one worked for me. Mostly because I couldn't easily figure out who the bad guy was going to be.

This is a solid 3 stars and I will definitely read more by this author.