Mountain Wild (Wild, #3)

Mountain Wild (Wild, #3) - Stacey Kayne I love "cabin bound" themes so I was pleased to stumble upon this title in an Amazon list. I'm glad I gave it a chance because it was a fun, fast read. My only quibble is the author had a gay villian. That's a pet peeve of mine and I was sad to see it included in this book.

The hero is adorable and who doesn't love a guy with a faithful dog? He has humor, sympathy, bravery, integrity. Perfect. The heroine is smart, resourceful, and never has a " too stupid to live" moment. Their romance builds slowly and by the time they finally declare their love, I was fully invested in their happily ever after.

I will be reading the first two books in this series (or at least book #2 because its also available on Kindle).