Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1)

Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1) - Lisa Kleypas I adore Lisa Kleypas but found this book completely underwhelming. I like amnesia plots but despise revenge plots. Grant's ridiculous scheme to exact revenge against a courtesan for spreading a false rumor that injured his manly pride made him seem extremely petty. I actively disliked him for the first half of the book. Plus, he must have been a lousy "cop" because it took me about three chapters to figure out who the villian was and to guess at the heroine's true identity.

With a see-through suspense plot and an underdeveloped romance (what did he see in Victoria besides a curvy body and a fondness for tidying up after herself?), I found myself skimming the last several chapters.