Goddess of the Hunt (The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy, #1) - Tessa Dare This booked started out so promising and then took a nosedive at about the 50% percent mark.

It's a character driven book. No villains, mysteries, murders or mad-cap antics. The heroine, Lucy, is young and a bit immature but I like that she's a tomboy and holds her own among the men. The hero is haunted by a tragic incident in his past that is supposed to have left him cold and distant. Lucy worms her way into his heart and he finds himself inexplicably drawn toward her and wants to protect her.

Trouble is, he's not at all distant or aloof. The secondary characters keep insisting he's cold and distant but I just never saw it. His actions and internal thoughts are the opposite of the Cold Alpha Hero. He's more of a beta hero. But regardless of alpha versus beta one thing is certain. he becomes an idiot as soon as he marries Lucy. This is the the point at which the book nosedives for me.

While there's not one specific Big Misunderstanding, there is a maddening inability for either Lucy or Jeremy to talk to each other. It's clear from incidents in the first half of the book that there are deep feelings between the two. Yet they spend chapter upon chapter in the second half of the book denying these feelings until you want them both to go off a cliff Thelma & Louise style.

I've not given up on this author because she's a good writer and there are definitely some very romantic moments in this book in between the bits I didn't care for.