Duchess in Love (Duchess, #1)

Duchess in Love (Duchess, #1) - Eloisa James I was so disappointed in this book. The first few chapters hd such promise and then pffft....it blew a tire and I quickly lost interest.

The side characters and plots were overwhelming. They added nothing to the story for me and took up so many pages. Frankly, I couldn't keep any of them straight. It was like trying to watch a long running soap opera for the first time. Bah.

Gina lost much of my respect by even considering marrying her dull and insipid fiance. He was so one-dimensional and wasn't even a good foil to the hero. As for the hero, his motivations for fleeing England for so long were weak. I'm pretty sick of Daddy Issues being the big roadblock to emotional openness.

There were glimmers of good romantic tension now and again but I got tired of wading through so many pages devoted to Gina's friends and their troubles with husbands and lovers that I gave up.