Texas Splendor (Texas Trilogy, #3)

Texas Splendor (Texas Trilogy, #3) - Lorraine Heath For once, I read a series in order and I think it really improved my enjoyment of this book. It was interesting to see Austin's transformation from energetic little brother to wounded young man. Also, all the secondary characters were more palatable because I was invested in their own stories from previous books.

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't see the "big coincidence" coming. Usually I'm not so obtuse but I think I was focusing more on Austin and Loree's romance/relationship than the unsolved murder mystery.

Overall, it was a really sweet romance. The first half of the book reminded me a lot of LaVrye Spencer's book Morning Glory: lonely woman trusts lonely former convict and attraction slowly blooms. Unlike Morning Glory, though, which I felt got muddled up in the last half, Texas Splendor maintained momentum right up until the last page.

The epilogue was great, too. Makes me wonder if Lorraine Heath will eventually write books about the next generation of Leigh's. It seemed to set up the groundwork for it. One can only hope that happens because I'm sad to be done with all three books.