Never Deceive a Duke (Neville Family, #2)

Never Deceive a Duke (Neville Family, #2) - Liz Carlyle I was really hoping to like this book. The plot summary appealed to me since I'm a sucker for tortured/damaged heroes and it was highly recommended on All About Romance review site.

This is probably a case of "it's me, not you" when it comes to why I didn't enjoy this book. My main problems with it were as follows:

1. Hero/heroine have sex very early in the book. It makes sense that this happens given how damaged both hero/heroine are but I prefer books where emotional intimacy happens before sexual intimacy.

2. There is a Who Dunnit mystery that takes up a LARGE percentage of this book. It's like reading an Agatha Christie novel in between a romance novel. And it is pretty ridiculous that the hero's "valet" is the main sleuth trying to solve the mystery.

3. So much telling versus showing when it came to the hero/heroine. Even though they both have very sad and tragic pasts, I didn't get very invested in either character since they mostly just sit around and swap sad stories and then "comfort" each other.

In the plus column, the writing style is nice and one or two scenes int the book had some nice romantic tension/sexual appeal. But they were just too few and far between to give this anything more than at 2 star.