A Lady Awakened (Blackshear Family, #1)

A Lady Awakened (Blackshear Family, #1) - Cecilia Grant 3.5 Stars

What I liked:
A very unusual romance unlike any other I've read. What started off as a typical plot where a widow must conceive an heir to save her home and protect her servants got turned on its ear when the heroine Martha doesn't enjoy sex with the hero at all. No instant electric sparks when he touches her. No spontaneous orgasms and weak denial of attraction. She truly has no feelings or respect for the hero Theo. That alone kept me reading to see how it would turn around.
I also adored Theo. He was funny, pragmatic and introspective. And sexy. His wonder when Martha FINALLY warms up to him was very touching.
The writing is terrific. Beautiful prose that really sweeps you away to the time and place.

What I didn't like:
I never warmed up to Martha. She was so distant and strident in her beliefs. Even after her "awakening" she remained aloof and somewhat sealed off. I never felt myself rooting for her. If she had just transformed a bit more into a warm and loving woman, this book would have probably made it to my keeper list.