The Sergeant's Lady (The Arringtons and Wright-Gordons, #2) - Susanna Fraser Really good book. Very engaging heroine and hero. She's smart, capable and practical. He's kind, honest and self-aware.

The backdrop for their romance is Spain during the Peninsular War. The author did a great job of weaving in historical fact rather than large info dumps. Anna and Will escape capture from French troops and the middle part of the book is their trek to get back to the English encampment. It gives them lots of time to get to know each other and reveal their characters. The love they develop is very believable and romantic.

What I really loved about this romance is the lack of cartoon villains, big secrets and silly misunderstandings. Will and Anna are honest with each other and practical in how they handle the difficulties they face. She's an aristocrat and he's an inn-keeper's son so in addition to all the obstacles they face just trying to stay alive during the war, they also have societal obstacles. How the HEA comes about seems realistic and it is very satisfying.