Beguiling the Beauty (Fitzhugh Trilogy, #1)

Beguiling the Beauty (Fitzhugh Trilogy, #1) - Sherry Thomas The niggling sense that this book wouldn't be what I hoped started during the prologue when Christian, the hero, reveals that he loves a woman he's never met based solely on her beauty. My concern grew in direct portion to the number of pages devoted to Millie and Fitz (H/h in Book 2 of this trilogy which I read first). But I think all hope of having this book be more than a two star read happened the moment Venetia put on the veiled hat.

I read a romance by Judith Ivory called The Beast that shared some similar plot points regarding hidden identities during a shipboard romance. It made me scratch my head then wondering how it could be possible to make a room dark enough or a blindfold tight enough so that one person could never see their lover's face after hours and hours of sex. So to pick up this book and have the same improbable scenario repeated seemed almost comical.

I might have been able to roll with the silly premise of the book if only I had liked Venetia and Christian a little more. Both seemed a little cold and distant and I never felt connected or invested in their romance. Maybe it was because there were so many pages devoted to setting up the romances for Books 2 and 3 (Tip: read this trilogy backwards so you can skip all the sequel baiting sections). As a result, Christian and Venetia's story seemed short-changed.

On the plus side (and this book definitely had some pluses), the writing was solid. Sherry Thomas has a very unique voice and I love to read her sentences. Having the book take place in the late 1800's is always a nice change of pace in an historical and I loved that part of the story was set in America. Christian and Venetia's shared interest in dinosaurs was fun and I did like their interactions on the ship (despite the dreaded veil).

Overall, this isn't my favorite book by Sherry Thomas but it had just enough good parts to keep it from being a DNF.