Within Reach

Within Reach - Sarah Mayberry I've yet to read a book by Sarah Mayberry that I didn't really enjoy. This one is no exception. Her characters feel real and occupy a place in the world that I can understand.

What I like about this book is the honest way Angie and Michael communicate with each other. They struggle under the giant angst-filled cloud that is his dead wife and they both react in ways that are believable and valid. A good therapist may have been able to shave off several chapters but what would be the fun in that?

Like most of Sarah Mayberry's books, this is character- driven with great romantic tension and no annoying side characters or treacherous bad guys mucking up the plot. There are two small children but they help ground the story and don't simply serve as comic relief or page filler.

A great read and one I can really recommend if you like friends to lover premise with lots of angst and tension.