Cool Shade

Cool Shade - Theresa Weir,  Anne Frasier I generally don't read contempary romances written more than five or six years ago because they get so dated, especially if the author inserts a lot of pop culture, clothing or modern technology references. I'm happy to say that this book doesn't suffer from being dated despite being written in the 90's. Except for the noticeable absence of cell phones or laptops, the author kept it clean of dated references or clothing styles.

The book takes place in Nebraska (although I kept thinking it was in Lousiana due to all the humidity and mosquito references). The book had a slow easy pace without a lot of unnecessary secondary characters. The character development was good and I had a real sense of who both Maddie and Eddie were. I wasn't thrilled with the alter-ego aspect (Jonathan and Midnight Mary) and how they got to know each other beyond the physical. I didn't like how Maddie was falling in love with "Jonathan" yet she was having sex with Eddie.