Wallbanger - Alice Clayton I was pretty charmed in the beginning. I loved that Caroline had a good job, nice boss, and best friends. She had hobbies, was funny and self-confident, and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. I was not so enamored by her cat Clive (and I normally love cats), her references to "Lower Caroline" and her missing O.

Simon seemed pretty great but it was a little harder to get a bead on what made him tick since the book is only told from Caroline's perspective. The texts between the two had a nice blend of sweet and sarcastic and were my favorite parts.

At about the midway point, though, I started to get bored. The relationship between Caroline and Simon became pretty unrealistic. Maybe if this book had been shorter and the story arc tighter, I might have been charmed the entire time. Unfortunately, though, I got to spend too much time in Caroline's head and she (both Upper and Lower) got on my nerves by the time it was all over.